Benefits for Golfers:

Experience a Faster Game:

The GolfRide Ease isn't just an enjoyable ride; it also adds a new level of excitement to the game of golf for players of all ages. Say goodbye to the traditional golf cart routine of waiting for your co-player. With the GolfRide Ease, you can effortlessly "ride the turf" and reach your ball promptly.

Perfect for Social Distancing:

In these times of COVID and social distancing, the GolfRide Ease serves as an ideal golf transporter. It allows you to maintain a safe distance while enjoying the game.

Efficient Charging and Eco-Friendly:

The GolfRide Ease charges swiftly and efficiently, making it an environmentally friendly choice. It's a green solution for golf enthusiasts.

Ample Capacity:

Engineered to carry a single player along with a pro-golf bag weighing up to 44 pounds (20 kgs) and featuring a 10-inch (25 cm) diameter, the GolfRide Ease effortlessly covers 18+ holes on a grassy surface before requiring a recharge.

Convenient Charging:

When it's time to recharge, simply plug the GolfRide Ease into a standard power socket, just like you would charge your mobile phone.

Compact and Transport-Friendly:

The GolfRide Ease boasts a dual-folding mechanism designed for easy transport. It folds down to fit into most family vehicles, thanks to our stainless steel "eagle claw" and heavy-duty aluminium pole. This quick-release mechanism ensures that no time is wasted before the game starts and when it's time to return to the clubhouse. Enjoy the game with the convenience and efficiency of the GolfRide Ease

Turf-Friendly Design:

The GolfRide Ease is designed with a focus on preserving the golf course's integrity. Thanks to its relatively small ground contact area and ground force pressure equivalent to that of a golfer on foot, this innovative vehicle significantly reduces wear and tear on the course. In comparison to traditional golf vehicular transport methods, it demands considerably less maintenance.

In fact, when it comes to impact on the course surface, the GolfRide Ease outperforms golf carts by up to an astounding 82% reduction per square meter. It's even comparable to or less impactful than a golfer walking with a pull cart. This thoughtful design ensures that your golfing experience doesn't come at the expense of the course's well-being.

Great News for Time-Efficient Golfers:

For golfers who value their time, the GolfRide Ease brings exciting advantages over traditional 2-person carts. In a conventional cart, you're confined to designated paths and often end up following two sets of balls, resulting in longer distances travelled as you deviate from a direct path to your destination.

Extensive research has demonstrated that the GolfRide Ease significantly accelerates gameplay compared to a traditional 2-person cart. While the distance covered is like walking the course with a pull buggy, the speed of travel is notably faster. Riding the GolfRide Ease allows players to complete the course in 25% less time, all while closely tracking the flight path of the ball. This is a capability that traditional carts cannot provide and offers players a deeper understanding of the hole and their upcoming shot.

The GolfRide Ease has gained popularity for its agility and speed. When you ride the GolfRide Ease, you assume a balanced, athletic posture that grants you precise control over your movement, enhancing your overall golfing experience.